The Vietnamese American Market

Census data in 2010 indicates the Vietnamese American population as the 4th largest Asian population groups in the United States. Between 2000 and 2010, the population has reported a gain of 425,921, or 37.9% compared with the total Asian population growth of 43.2% and the United States at 9.7%.

At this rate, the Vietnamese American population has the potential to reach an estimated 3 million by the year 2020.

Although Asian Americans account for only 5 percent of the entire U.S population, their spending power is projected to reach $1 trillion by 2017, and possibly surpassing the $5 trillion mark by the year 2025. As noted by a Nielsen study, “Asian Americans are the fastest-growing multicultural group in the U.S. and are 54 percent more likely than overall U.S households to have incomes of $100,000.00 or more.” In addition, they are highly educated and have the lowest unemployment rate as they value the importance of an education, the ticket to their success. As an economically influential group of consumers, Asian Americans are regarded as the prime population to target for marketers, advertisers and companies alike.

It is without a question that Vietnamese Americans play a more economic and cultural influence on the overall Asian American population, and will continue to do so in the many years to come. Not only are they changing the way corporate America country feels, eats and thinks, they are the key segment for marketers to invest their dollars. As evidenced by research,

  • The Vietnamese American population represents a loyal, young, educated market segment.
  • Vietnamese American per capita income has surged at an increasing rate, creating great opportunity for advertisers to target.
  • Advertising on TV is the most effective platform to reach the entire Vietnamese American population.

The sheer population increase together with the impressive buying power estimated to be in the high billions, provide reasons why America should not take this market lightly.

Demand for Vietnamese American Television

Based on the 2010 census, there are approximately 1,737,433 Vietnamese Americans living in the United States and more than half the population resides in the States of Texas and California. Over 55 percent of the Vietnamese population countrywide and roughly 90 percent of the Vietnamese American seniors are limited English proficient, the growing demand for Vietnamese speaking programming is at its peak. This market has huge potential for advertisers, one that businesses cannot afford to miss.

When away from their home country, those Vietnamese Americans who were not born in the US, typically turn to their own media for information and entertainment. The reason for this type of consumption is due to the cultural familiarity, language barriers, as well as the discussions and coverage of issues related to their own community.

Unlike mainstream media which covers a wide and broad audience, as a Vietnamese American TV network, KVLA is the perfect place for Vietnamese Americans who prefer to communicate in their native language in their homes. We have the capacity to:

  • Provide the best news and entertainment for the Vietnamese American population.
  • Improve your business ROI by targeting one of the most affluent groups nationwide.

Marketing to the Vietnamese American Customer

To effectively target this group of customers, it is important to focus on the proper media outlets to deliver your specific products and services. Since 90 percent of Vietnamese Americans prefer their media in the language they first learned, it is imperative for marketers to seek out in-language promoters to run their campaigns or to ask for sponsorships. While mainstream media does play a partial role in advertising to the Vietnamese American consumer, Vietnamese-language advertising remains a more persuasive medium to capture the “intent-to-purchase” attitude.

KVLA understands the importance of Vietnamese-language advertising, and responds to this demand by:

  • Studying and researching the values, wants, and needs of the Vietnamese-American populations.
  • Recruiting Vietnamese American personnel to communicate with, and deliver the concerns and needs of this group.
  • Customizing advertisers’ product or service to appeal to these minorities.
  • Conveying the right message and utilizing the latest trends while retaining the culture of the group.

As one of the fastest growing Asian American group in the United States, Vietnamese Americans rely heavily on live television, and though many are well acculturated, most stay connected with their cultural heritage through media and language. This market provides a niche that is increasingly capturing the attention of marketers, advertisers and companies representing the various sectors of the business community.