Advertise with KVLA

12KVLA TV is first and foremost dedicated to the needs of our consumers and marketing advertisers. We are currently staffed with extraordinarily charismatic, cultural and energetic professionals, with one goal in mind – to communicate your product and services to both the Vietnamese and Asian American community at large. We know what it takes to bring positive results to your business.

13We have the ability to match the demographics advertisers are trying to reach and what consumers ultimately want to see.  No more are those days of dwindling profits, feeble cash flow, and stagnant growth.  No more are those unintended consequences for you and your brand.  Our goal is to bring consumers and advertisers closer and transform the world of advertising from spam to wish fulfillment.

Advertising is the key to any business success especially in today’s economy, and KVLA is the right network that understands your desire to stretch your advertising dollar.  Our team works side by side with businesses to help them achieve their visions.  We research and analyze, polish and refine until everything is absolutely perfect.  Our programs of various genres are uniquely tailored to attract audiences of all generations.  Our state-of-the-art production facility with computer editing, computer enhancement, and video/ads in HD will keep you in the competitive race and expand your market share.

KVLA offers the following key benefits:

  1. Short and long-term contracts – We have a variety of advertising programs to choose from: 60-second, 30-second, or 15-second ads, banners, billboards, or talkshows, the longer the terms, the more substantial the cost-per-ad discount. We build top-of-the-mind awareness, and promote your special features and products to reach all present and potential customers.
  2. Saturation packages – We have many saturation packages to choose from. Your business will have instant traffic and response, and your names will be fresh in the minds of the customers.
  3. Various Value-Added Advertising Programs – We offer monthly and quarterly packages and promotions to provide advertisers more bang for their buck.
  4. Creative Marketing Ideas – We are innovative, and always open to new ideas. We study your needs to develop a marketing/advertising campaign specifically designed for your business and for your potential customers to help you build traffic.
  5. Needs analysis assessment – A 30 to 45-minute meeting with our highly experienced sales staff will help us develop a solid, consistent, vigorous and positive advertising program that is specific to your business goals.

14Advertising on KVLA TV is an investment in your success. Our rates are not published simply because we feel they are not a deciding factor to your business decisions.

Achieving your goals is prime, and generating continuous business will increase sales and expand your customer base. Hurry before we run out of spots! Spread the word, and advertise with KVLA!